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Training Center

D62 Staff Capacity Building

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion is the emotional response one has when perceiving suffering that involves an authentic desire to help. Compassion Fatigue is the profound emotional and physical strain that takes place when helping professionals are unable to refuel and rejuvenate. In this session, we will learn more about signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and tools to prevent it.


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Tyiesha Trina

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Marianne Rogenski


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Presentation Files

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Self Care

A Few Coping Strategies


Go for a walk

Lit a candle

Drink some tea

Binge watch Netflix

Incorporate mindfulness when taking a shower/washing dishes by playing music, listening to the water running, smelling the soap, etc. 

DBT Skills: PLEASE is an acronym to help people remember a set of skills that can make emotional regulation easier

PL- Treat physical illness

E- Balance your eating

A-Avoid mood altering substances

S-Get enough sleep

E- Get regular exercise

Digital Tools

There are many digital technologies that can support you on your self care journey.


Apps can be useful tools to manage symptoms, track progress, or even meditate.

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Headspace contains a library of over 500 meditations covering a variety of areas: stress, anxiety, self-compassion, and more. There are also workouts to help you relieve tension, yoga exercises and music recommendations to relax your mind and body.

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Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, have a better night’s sleep, or boost focus, Calm is on a mission is to make you happier and healthier. The app shows you how to meditate, learn mindful movement, and offers music to help you relax and recenter.

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Active Minds -

Self Care Tips -

Self Care Ideas -

Best Self Care Tips and Tools -

ACES Aware Self Care Tools for Adults -

Five Top Tools for Self Care

Tools and Apps for Self Care

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Funding provided by federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) grants.

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